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The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons
of the State of New York
Grand Officers 2019-2020

Grand Council Officers 2018-19

Grand Master M:.I:. Phillip J. Chandler
Deputy Grand Master R:.I:. John A. Gallant
Grand Principal Conductor
of the Works
R:.I:. Stephen A. Rubinstein
Grand Recorder R:.I:. Ken R. Howe
Grand Treasurer R:.I:. George D. Emmons
Grand Captain
of the Guard
R:.I:. Donald R. Kunego
Grand Conductor
of the Council
R:.I:. Daniel D. Elliott
Grand Marshal R:.I:. Richard Kerimoglu

Grand Standard Bearer R:.I:. Richard S. Transue
Grand Steward R:.I:. Henrey G. Abel III
Grand Sentinel R:.I:. Robert G. Ball
Grand Trustee M:. I:. Garry R. Hutchurson
Grand Trustee M:. I:. Victor Versace
Grand Trustee M:. I:. Richard C. Anderson
Grand Lecturer R:.I:. Stuart R. Card

Grand Historian R:.I:. James Reichman
Grand Chaplain M:.I:. Charles M. Roberts
Grand Chaplain R:. I:. Mark D. Isaacs
Grand Chaplain R:. I:. Rev. Stenrick B. Adams
Grand Chaplain R:. I:. Rev. Jose L. Valencia
Grand Musician R:.I:. Eric S. Howd
Grand Musician R:.I:. David E. Shire
Grand Musician R:. I:. Gerald F. Irwin

All information posted on this Web site is provided as a courtesy by the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of New York. While the information is believed to be accurate as of the time of its posting on our site, our Grand Council cannot ensure that the information remains accurate over time.

Please contact the Grand Recorder and the Web Administrator if you discover any errors or omissions in the information provided on this site.